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About Us

Vessel Health was conceived on the simple premise of offering people a more proactive and comprehensive means to manage their health. We believe we’ve created something that is a first of its kind: a medical practice devoted to evaluating, managing and treating the body’s health from the perspective of the single most important system in our body, the cardiovascular system.

We focus on personalized evaluation and therapy, individual empowerment, and the goal of achieving long-term wellness through prevention.

The concept of an organization focused on personalized health promotion through cardiovascular health was developed by Harvey J. White MD, FACC. Dr. White is a recognized leader in the field of Interventional Cardiology, and maintains a passion for advancing our health care delivery system, as evidenced by his role in founding the Heart Hospital of New Mexico, as well as multiple other medical enterprises.

Vessel Health recognizes the epidemic nature of cardiovascular disease in not only the United States, but also worldwide, including countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Russia, India, and China, which are all witnessing a marked deterioration in the cardiovascular health of their populations. We also recognize the importance of personal relationships and individual responsibility in creating a positive healthcare environment.

Our Philosophy

At Vessel Health, we believe the cardiovascular system is at the center of wellness. Simply put, the heart and vascular systems nourish and impact each and every other system in our bodies. The vessels of our circulation carry the very life-force of our lives to every part of our bodies; the “vessel” within which is our very being. When this system is not functioning as well as it should, health problems begin to surface.

Vessel Health commits to optimizing the vessels of our circulation and the vessel that is each person’s essence. We have developed consultative services, customized programs and a comprehensive approach to health that will enable you to manage, treat, extend, and improve your life.

Our Mission

"Our circulation conveys the foundation of life. Not only does our vessel health contribute to the vitality of our circulation, it permits our very existence. Each of us is a vessel – singular in nature, irreplaceable in body, more fragile than we would wish. Vessel Health commits to optimizing the vessels of our circulation and the vessels that are our own beings."

Our Values

 Vessel Health recognizes:

  • Blood flow as the force of all life
  • The need to focus on health before disease
  • The fragility of all human beings
  • And, our singular presence in the world

 Vessel Health commits:

  • To the vitality of the circulation
  • To the power of prevention
  • To the wholeness of each person
  • And, to the empowerment of the individual

Harvey J. White MD, FACC – Dr. White has dedicated his career to the management and treatment of the cardiovascular system. He is board certified in Internal Medicine (1981), Cardiovascular Disease (1985) and Interventional Cardiology (1999). He is a founder and past medical director for the Heart Hospital of New Mexico.


Our approach is to treat the system, not just the symptoms. We take a comprehensive approach to managing your body’s systems.