Treat the system, not the symptom

The cardiovascular system is at the center of our health. It nourishes and impacts each and every other system in our body. The vessels of our circulation carry the very life-force of our being to every part of our body,  the “vessel” that each one of us uses to live, love, and pursue happiness through each day of life.

At Vessel Health, we take a comprehensive approach to well-being, focusing on the cardiovascular system. We are committed to optimizing not just the vessels of our circulation, but the “vessels” of our beings. We have developed consultative services, customized programs, and a comprehensive approach to health that will enable you to manage, treat, extend, and improve your life. 

Vessel Health founder Dr. Harvey White has spent years treating and counseling patients on cardiac issues throughout New Mexico and the Southwest. Whether you are looking to assess your overall cardiac health, improve the appearance of varicose veins, or seeking to understand and improve your vascular or vein health issues, you have come to the right place.



Proactive care is what sets us apart.

If there is one decision you can make that will affect your long-term health, it is creating and renewing a personal commitment to a healthy lifestyle that ultimately enhances your cardiovascular system. At Vessel Health, we strive to work with our clients and patients to create programs and treatments that focus on prevention and are customized toward long-term health.



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