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Vessel Health Ablation Procedure

Consultative Services

Vessel Health offers comprehensive, evaluative, and therapeutic services to address most vein disorders.
Evaluation Services

Vein Mapping and Imaging: Vein anatomy including the assessment of incompetent veins and their valves is accomplished through ultrasound imaging. The technician, over the course of an hour, can define a patient’s lower extremity vein structure and determine the functional capacity of the attendant valves, providing an excellent understanding of whether a patient is a candidate for procedure-based therapy.
Consultative Assessment: Coupled with a review of the ultrasound images, the providers at Vessel Health will perform a complete vascular assessment, resulting in recommendations for ongoing care and treatment.
Therapy Services

Radiofrequency Ablation: In the context of incompetent lower extremity vein valves, ablative technologies are designed to eliminate a portion of the superficial vein system and eliminate the adverse affects of high pressure distention the creates varicose veins and their attendant symptoms. As an outpatient, office based procedure; a small catheter is placed in the greater saphenous vein, through which a special energy transmitting catheter is placed.  Microwave energy is directed through the application catheter, permanently damaging the vein structure and causing it to shrivel and close.  This well-tolerated procedure is covered in detail at VNUS.com.
Phlebectomy: Occasionally, residual small varicose veins remain after a procedure such as radiofrequency ablation. Under such circumstances, phlebectomy may be chosen; involving the removal of small portions of varicose vein using local anesthesia and small incisions. Performed appropriately, an excellent cosmetic result can be achieved with this adjunctive therapy.
Sclerotherapy: So called “spider veins” may be effectively treated with sclerotherapy.  A form of “detergent” is injected using a very fine needle in the center of the unsightly blemish, with blanching and closure of the abnormal vein pattern. As an office based procedure it does not affect immediate activity. Sclerotherapy may not be supported through insurance reimbursement.
Laser Ablation: Similar to radiofrequency ablation, laser intervention simply involves the application of an alternative energy source to achieve closure of the vein structures contributing to venous hypertension and varicosities. The advantages of one technology over another should be discussed with your practitioner.

Vessel Health offers a comprehensive approach to treating vein disorders.

Our evaluative and therapeutic services include:

  • Vein Mapping and Imaging
  • Consultative Assessment
  • Radiofrequency Ablation
  • Phlebectomy
  • Sclerotherapy
  • Laser Ablation

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