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We treat varicose and spider veins, leg swelling and pain, skin changes, ulcers, and blood clots, with a variety of natural and advanced therapeutic services and treatments.

In keeping with our focus on prevention and circulatory health, Vessel Health provides comprehensive care for patients with vein issues. We use a “one stop” approach to the care of vein conditions, and because of our extensive cardiovascular background, we believe we offer care that is a step above.

If you are dealing with unsightly leg veins, or suffering from severe varicosities and skin changes, we offer a range of evaluative, therapeutic, and wellness programs to optimize care. Our evaluations include consultation and testing, not only to understand vein disease, but also to exclude any contribution from heart and vascular conditions.

Our services include venous ablation employing VNUS® Radiofrequency ablation technology. Phlebectomy (vein removal) and sclerotherapy (chemical shrinking) are also provided in a comfortable, outpatient setting. Our “integrative” approach also includes herbal therapy in select cases.

More importantly, we strive to go beyond the “fix.” Because our mission is to improve our clients’ long-term health through prevention and health promotion, we offer programs in comprehensive lifestyle adjustments, weight management and fitness - all of which impact vein health. We are here to care for you for years to come.

Vessel Health accepts most health insurance plans. Certain vein conditions are not commonly covered by insurance. Our prices are competitive and affordable. Please call or come by if you have questions about our fee schedule.