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Our Services

Consultative Services

Vessel Health offers a menu of evaluative services that are tailored to a particular patients needs. Some target the understanding of a particular disease process, others are useful in the more generalized evaluation of cardiovascular risk and its mitigation.

Evaluation Services

1. Carotid, renal, aortic, lower extremity duplex scanning: The employment of ultrasound imaging technology to visualize arterial blood flow, vessel obstructions, as well as variants of normal anatomy.
2. Intimal–medial thickness (IMT) evaluation: The use of ultrasound technology to measure the thickening of the innermost layer of the artery which is an index of the atherosclerotic process.
3. Vasoreactivity Assessment: An assessment of vascular tone, useful in blood pressure management, and to assist in risk-factor profiling. 
4. Ankle–Brachial Index Measurement: A simple evaluation which compares the blood pressure in a patient’s arms to that in his/her legs. Normally higher, a decrement in leg blood pressure is a reliable measurement of atherosclerotic burden in the leg arteries.
Therapy Services

Blood Pressure Adjustment: Vessel Health offers consultative input in the management of patients whose blood pressure is difficult to control. Traditional “western” medications may be supplemented with more natural therapies including stress management, yoga, and homeopathic remedies.
Angiography: Similar to the procedure useful in the coronary arteries, angiography provides a detailed understanding of the arterial anatomy. Most any arterial bed, accessible with an angiographic catheter, can be visualized.  The information obtained in this outpatient hospital procedure may be vital to the medical and surgical care of a patient.

Referrals for Angioplasty and Stent Placement as needed: Certain peripheral vascular disease processes lend themselves to balloon dilatation (angioplasty), or more definitive placement of a supportive metal structure (stent). Stent technology has now proven useful in carotid artery obstructions, aortic aneurysms, renal artery stenoses, and blockages in the larger leg arteries.

Promoting cardiovascular wellness. 

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