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TRIM-the-Sails Nutrition Support





Individual and Group Nutrition Support

Our bodies give us information every day. Part of good health is learning how to pay attention and tune in to what our bodies are telling us. So what does your body need? What do you need to feel your best and to nourish your body in exactly the right way? At Vessel Health, we believe there is no such thing as a ‘one-size fits all’ eating plan. Each of us has individual needs, preferences, and concerns. And each of us deserves support in finding out exactly what will make our own body the happiest and healthiest it can be.

In our TRIM-the-SailsTM program, we explore with you the best way to support your body with the foods and nutrients that will help you thrive. We look at the body as an integrated whole. We can work with you around specific nutrition concerns, including food sensitivities, weight management, gut health, and more. Call us anytime for an assessment. Let us help you explore how you can tune in to your body and adjust your nutrition to feel, look, and be your best!

AnchorRESETTM Detox Program

We all need a periodic reset on our habits, our nutrition, and our overall health. Try as we might, it is nearly impossible to always make the best, healthiest choices for ourselves. We all have times when we are busier, more stressed, and less able to do the things we know are best for us. For those times, we offer AnchorRESETTM.

The purpose of this detoxification program is to restore the way your liver detoxifies and how your digestive system operates--back to the way they were functioning at a healthy state. This will help your body regain proper digestion, elimination, and absorption of nutrients needed for optimal health.

There are three main goals for AnchorRESETTM:

  • Remove - First, we eliminate the incoming burden of toxins from your diet and lifestyle.
  • Restore - Next, we support the elimination of toxins from your body. Drinking purified water, eating foods that help with detoxification, and drinking the Core Support Drink Mix provided with the program will all assist in the removal of toxins that have long been trapped in your body.
  • Revitalize - Finally, the specialized supplements and support of the program will help to enhance the detoxification pathways in your liver, as well as support healthy functioning of your digestive system during the detoxification process and beyond.

With our AnchorRESETTM program, you will receive our seven-day detox kit of nutritional supplements, as well as three individual coaching sessions to assess your goals, guide and support your detox process, and map out a plan to stay on track. You can feel better--and we can help!

TRIM-WeightTM Whole-Health Weight Management Program

Many of us struggle with emotional balance, stress, blood sugar, digestive, or hormonal challenges that can affect weight. These factors create dis-ease, rather than balance and true nourishment. In our TRIM-WeightTM program, we give you the support you need to reach a healthy, sustainable weight that is right for you.

How does it work?

  • We use a real-life, whole-health approach;
  • We incorporate nutrition, fitness, and emotional health;
  • We provide individual and group support;
  • We provide you with specially-selected foundational supplements to support healthy weight; and
  • We work with you to develop strategies for long-term success.

If you think this program might be a good fit for you, call us today at (505) 828-3000 to schedule a free assessment. You can reach your goals! We are here to support you.