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FIT-to-Sail Fitness Support

Individual and Group Fitness Support

Our bodies need movement to stay healthy and vital. Think for a moment—do you give your body the consistent and appropriate movement it needs to stay in peak functioning condition for your life? Do you know the best type and level of exercise for your own body? Here at Vessel Health, we are committed to helping you support and care for the body you’re in. In our FIT-to-SailTM program, we explore what it means—and how good it feels—to take kind, attentive care of our bodies through mindful movement. Our Lifestyle Fitness Consultant offers individual fitness assessments, individualized fitness program development, and ongoing support. Call our front office at (505) 828-3000 for more information or to schedule.

We also offer a group exercise class every Friday at 8:30 a.m., focused on mindful breathing, stretching, and balance. Classes are $5/each or $25 for a 6-class punch card. We hope you can join us!