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Our Services

Consultative Services

Vessel Health provides certain consultative services that target specific known disease entities. Referral for these services often results in a short-term engagement with a limited outcome. These services are integrated, however, to our more comprehensive wellness programs. 

Evaluation Services

Early Disease Detection: Using such tools as coronary artery calcium scoring, Vessel Health providers may be consulted for assistance in determining the extent of coronary arteriosclerosis present in most individuals. 

Risk Factor Assessment: Whether needing routine cholesterol measurement or more sophisticated genetic testing, a patient's propensity to coronary artery disease will be determined. 

Hypertension Assessment: Vessel Health takes particular interest in the consultative management of poorly controlled blood pressure, especially given the additional risk imposed for heart attack and stroke. Historical assessment, including review of medications, is coupled with further testing. We also have experience in the use of alternative, or natural medications, to assist in optimal blood pressure control.
Chest Pain Evaluation: Chest pain, pressure, or shortness of breath may be one of the first signs of a developing coronary artery condition. Physician evaluation, coupled with advanced testing, is used to determine the cause of such symptoms.
Stress Testing: Exercise stress testing using treadmill exercise coupled with various non-invasive imaging modalities is regularly employed to enhance the diagnostic acumen of our providers.
Coronary Angiography: Angiography is a hospital-based procedure performed by a specially trained cardiologist. A radio-opaque iodine solution is injected in a patient’s arteries using preshaped catheters often through access via the femoral artery.  The anatomic outline of the interior of the coronary arteries is visualized through X-ray imaging and an understanding of the degree of coronary atherosclerosis is obtained.
Echocardiography: Ultrasound imaging of the heart and valves is an important adjunct to cardiology evaluation. Being a “non-invasive” procedure, it is commonly performed in the office and provides a nearly instant understanding of cardiac anatomy.
Clinical Services

Medication Recommendation: Vessel Health maintains an up-to-date understanding of the options and opportunities available, not only to those patients with known cardiac conditions, but also to those wishing to maximize their cardiovascular health.  These medications may be pertinent to the care of those with angina pectoris, accelerated hypertension, as well as challenging lipid disorders.

Supplement Advice: Vessel Health's knowledge of and access to non-pharmaceutical vitamins and supplements (nutraceuticals) complements patient management. 

Lifestyle Consultation and Support: Our Vessel Health team provides lifestyle support to patients in the form of individual and group visits related to physical fitness, nutrition and specific dietary issues, as well as stress reduction and overall wellness. We also offer a free monthly lecture focusing on a different health topic each month.

Our heart health services include:

  • Early disease detection
  • Risk assessment
  • Hypertension assessment
  • Chest pain evaluation
  • Stress testing
  • Coronary angiography
  • Echocardiography

Clinical services include:

  • Medication recommendation
  • Supplement advice
  • Lifestyle support (fitness, nutrition, stress reduction)