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LifeSHIP Lifestyle Programs

The purpose of LifeSHIPTM is to create a platform for enhancing and securing your cardiovascular wellbeing. Through personalized assessment, the provision of a structured curriculum, and binding, long-term relationships, you will set sail on a course towards enhanced energy, self satisfaction, and contentment. In creating the vessel for the health-conscious individual, we commit to optimizing the vessel within which we live.

The LifeSHIPTM voyage is divided into stages. In Get-on-BOARDTM and LAUNCHTM, you will undergo personalized assessment and goal setting. Depending on your needs, you may be prescribed one or more of our LifeSHIPTM programs.

TRIM-the-SailsTM, FIT-to-SailTM, and STEADY-the-HelmTM are lifestyle support programs designed to focus on nutritional, fitness, and emotional health. Each emphasizes the importance of whole, personal health.

Our PASSPORT PlusTM membership program allows you to develop a long-term relationship with Vessel Health. PASSPORT PlusTM includes financial benefits, and a community of like-minded, health-committed individuals.

Through LifeSHIPTM, we will help calm your health concerns. You will experience enhanced insight into your personal health challenges; you will derive the benefits of a more responsive relationship with a healthcare provider. Most importantly, you will gain a durable sense of accomplishment and empowerment that will translate to all areas of living.